The best eco innovations of all time

Nature inspired innovations are more popular in 2016 than they were before. This is because of environmental damage and a need to protect the environment has emerged because of fossil fuels. But it’s also got a lot to do with natural habitats in decline, so we feel the need to recreate or preserve ecosystems. Urban environments are trying to be less destructive and better for the community. Here are a few of the best environment-themed innovations:


Subsix is a underwater nightclub in the Maldives. Subsix is part of the Per Aquum hotel. Creatures such as turtles, eels and parrotfish can be seen. Designed as a premium resort, Subsix is on a beautiful tropical island. Subsix is a restaurant as well as bar/nightclub, and is actually under the sea, rather than having an aquarium.


Serenbe is a retirement village for the ageing population. In contrast to the medical, clinical environment of nursing homes and hospitals, Serenbe is just like a local community. Residents can feel more st home by living in houses instead of a retirement home, which gives the area a resort feel.


PurePods are outdoor architecture for camping in New Zealand. Pure Pods are made of glass and wood, complete with a bed and roof. Any rainwater that falls on the roof is returned to the plants underneath. These yurts bring a whole new level to glamping in the wilderness, and you can even have a modern bio fuel campfire.

Dubai Mall:

Dubai Mall has a beautiful aquarium inside, where shoppers can go diving or observe marine life. Aquariums are a popular trend in Dubai, such as the underwater restaurant in the Burj Al Arab and the Aquatic walls of a water slide in the Atlantis hotel.

Rainforest Cafe:

The Rainforest Cafe is a jungle themed restaurant in London. With waterfall, animatronic animals and live shows, the restaurant is like a diner combined with a theme park. A couple of the most popular locations are Disneyworld in Florida and Picadilly Circus, London.

‘Gold Wild Canitoba’

This crowdsourced wildlife app tracks fauna in Canada. Local experts can add data about different species, and is available on the iOS and Android app stores. This can help local authorities and rangers up to date with population, since volunteers help to sustain the app.

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