The subscription business model

The subscription business model is not just limited to dating sites and magazines. Netflix is one of the biggest subscription services available due to Netflix exclusive series. Having products delivered to your door is becoming increasingly popular due to the premium content available and hassle-free browsing and selecting products.


Graze, like Ocado, is an online snack box subscription service. Graze is designed to provide young, working people with healthy snacks, which are mostly plant based. Because of the lack of animal products in the boxes, Graze is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

Loot Crate:

Loot Crate is designed to be a ‘Comic Con in a box’. Roughly aimed at people between the ages of 16-30, there are categories such as anime and gaming to pick from. It delivers game and comic related merchandise every month, with each box being a surprise. Content varies from plush toys to t-shirts, and cannot be bought first hand in other stores.


Flintobox is an Indian education subscription service, aimed at children aged 4-8 years old. There is also an early years box available, aimed at toddlers aged 2-3. Subscribers can also download the Flintobox app, which provides tips for parents about child learning.


Birchbox is a monthly cosmetic subscription pack for women. Users take a beauty profile after registering so the company can learn more about customer preferences. Products include perfumes, skincare creams, lipsticks, face masks, and hairspray from 800 brand partners. Birchbox is the UK’s only beauty box service, and pricing starts at £10 per month. Their blog is in the form of an e-zine and features makeup tutorials, inspiration and interview.


Vine box is an alcohol subscription service. Subscribers receive a glass of 3 premium wines  in a vial each month. Each kit comes with tasting notes inside a designer box. Replacing wine tasting, Vinebox is an example of how the luxury market has expanded to unique experiences.

DollarShave Club:

DollarShave Club is subscription service for men.DollarShave Club launched their first advert on YouTube, rather than traditional TV.  It provides top quality shaving tools for $1 a month. Extra luxuries such as Shave Butter, lip balm, Face Cleanser, Hair Clay and travel wipes can be added to customise a box. the website also has a blog which acts as a news page with popular topics for men.

These are a few of our favourite examples; the subscription business model can apply to nearly any industry. If you can suggest any other unique examples, comment below!

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