Artistic Marketing

Movie Trailers, TV show montages and book excerpts are the most obvious ways of creative advertising. One of the best ways to advertise is creative projects, whether visual, auditory or performative. Here are some of the most innovative marketing techniques and campaigns.

1 Prada

Prada has decided to make literary competition winners into theatrical productions. The fashion brand is doing this to promote its new glasses range, and has created a 4 year literary contest to get artistic connections. Buyers can watch the plays online in videos, thus hybridising art into a digital medium. in 2013, Prada partnered with an Italian publisher. Prada then selected some narrative stories with the theme “Illuminations, Shadows and Mirages; things are not always as they seem.”

2. John Lewis

John Lewis made a wonderful advert that touched Britain’s heart. The Bear and the Hare is a delightful 2D animation for Christmas about a bear and a hare.The soundtrack is Lily Allen’s ‘Somewhere Only we Know”, and follows the story of a lonesome bear who thinks he has no friends, until the hare shows up with a gift. Suddenly, there is a gigantic christmas tree with presents outside his cave. The commercial is reminiscent of animal fable films, such as Bambi, The fox and the Hound or Watership Down.

3. Yiying Liu

Yiying liu created Painted QR code art, in a series called ‘Beautiful Traps’. The illustrations are watercolour, and depict carnivorous plant life as hats on women’s heads. The QR codes are fully functional and can be scanned by a smartphone device. Louis Vuitton did a similar project with QR codes, using a panda and their signature flowers.

4. VisitEngland

VisitEngland, the national heritage site, teamed up with Nick Park to create a Wallace and Gromit advert about the two finding a staycation in the UK, with Gromit holding up a magazine full of great tourist attractions. At the end of the advert, the dynamic duo are seen in various locations such as Stonehenge, Loch Ness and Wales Coast Path. the viewers are encouraged to visit There was even a promotional event in Regent Street Festival, which includes photo opportunities, a competition to give gromit a makeover, a branded hot air balloon, Wensleydale cheese sampling and playstation modelling workshops.

5. Manchester Literature Festival

The literature festival of 2013 saw  e-newsletters, Twitter and blogging as part of a digital marketing campaign. The blog is called Chapter & Verse Since books are viewed as a traditional, non-engaging form of entertainment, having a blog is a good way to promote brand loyalty.

6. Cyanide and Happiness

Cyanide and Happiness are artists who make webcomics and animated shorts on the internet. For promoting their products, they sell franchise, such as beer glasses with a couple of the comic strips on them, as well as a card game Joking Hazard (most likely after the success of Cards Against Humanity). Cyanide and Happiness are one of the more successful webcomic creators because of their ability to sell franchise.

7. Cathy Cassidy

Cassidy has candy/sweet themes in her books; popular titles include Marshmallow Skye, Angel Cake, Sundae Girl and The Chocolate Box Secrets, with pastel colours and pictures of cupcakes, candies and Chocolates, with words in swirly fonts. One title, Love, Peace and Chocolate was made into a mini excerpt book as a free gift in a magazine. Including book extracts is a good way to encourage readers to buy the full book.

8. Intel/Toshiba

The two technology companies partnered to make a video called “The Beauty Inside”. Actors auditioned for the roles via webcam.  The social film won the Cyber Grand Prix  and Film award in the Branded Content and Entertainment category. The story follows Alex, a man who wakes up inside a different body every day. Alex shares his story on Facebook, to engage with conversations and show his transformations on Facebook. Alex meets Leah and falls in love, but his condition complicates things. Intel wanted to refresh their Intel Inside and Toshiba Heir ultrabook. But the social film is an excellent example of how transgender or body dysmorphic people could feel.

Comment below if you can think of any inspirational marketing campaigns!

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