Unique designs of the 2010s

CIB Bank

CIB Bank have installed their one ‘Bankomat’, a steampunk ATM, in Budapest. The ATM is reminiscent of Hungary in 1890, and generates customised bank notes.The Steampunk subculture has themes of cogs, trains, clockwork and steam-powered machines as seen in Victorian and Edwardian society. Other inventions, such a steampunk submarine pub, a gothic steampunk coffee machine and steampunk watches exist as part of mainstream society as well.

New York Library

NYC Public library are introducing a book train to bring tomes from its warehouse. The train has 24 red carts which run on rails, thus seamlessly transferring books from the stock rom to the reception desk. Each car can carry up to 30lbs at a time, and run on 950 feet of horizontal and vertical track. The convey belt is designed for library visitors to deal with research requests more efficiently; it speeds up 90% of orders from book borrowers.

Beauty and the Beast Cafe:

‘The Beauty and the Beast’ cafe in Yokohama is a walk-in enchantment. There are three sections; Gaston’s tavern, The Beast’s lair and the Palace Floor.  The restaurant interior is designed to the Disney film’s theme; using a yellow colour palette, deer taxidemery, arch-shaped stained glass windows and faux candle chandeliers. Food and drink served include a Belle-shaped omelette and rose latte art.

Ammerman & Schlösberg:

Ammerman & Schlosberg  have designed some upmarket Lolita Fashions for Japanese women. The cute babydoll style frocks are powder blue, tinged with grey, with patent leather fabric and chiffon underskirts.Plus, the dress has pastel pink bows on the front, and four cut out panels  with laces on the side. Schlosberg has made kitsch Lolita dresses in the past, usually with a modern twist, and their aesthetics are reminiscent of candy sweet designs mixed with a hint of eroticism.

Se Yoon Park:

Aboreal lighting sculptures have been made by Se Yoon Park.  Park combines his architectural knowledge with artistic flair in his work ‘Light, Darkness, and the Tree.’ A myriad of materials including, wood, steel and polyurethane for the polyamide and ceramic lighting were used. The materials were shaped using digital fabrication, a method which shapes the materials for the specific purpose of the art project.

Vivax Communications Group:

Vivax have a monochromatic floor in their head office in Latvia. The colour scheme is black and white stripes which curve inwards towards the mirrors. The atmosphere seems very surreal and psychedelic with the striped surfaces, but in other rooms the decor is more subtle.


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