Iconic branding techniques

Marble Slab:

The popular ice cream chain’s new ice cream flavours are inspired by popular game Candy Crush. The combinations include ‘Chocolate Mountains’, ‘Marshmallow Surprise’ and ‘Candy Clouds’, with fudge brownie pieces, chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles. Moreover, Marble Slab are also giving away a Candy Crush goody bag filled with merchandise worth $1,000. Customers can get the flavours in shakes, cones, tubs or cake.


Cobs made cinematic popcorn packaging for an event they sponsored, the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). There were two flavours, Sea Salt and Aged White Cheddar under a monochromatic background, and had a motif from a movie scene on the front. The Cheddar flavour had a movie quote from the James Bond series “Cheddar, Aged White Cheddar. Dr. number, 1962”, with a man in a tuxedo to symbolise the action genre and deluxe atmosphere of MI6. Sea Salt has the caption “here’s looking at you, Sea Salt. Casablance, 1942” with a man wearing aviator sunglasses and a trilby.  There are female versions as well, with “Sea Salt, you had me at hello” from Jerry Maguire 1996and “Fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be an Aged White Cheddar  night” from All about Eve, 1950. The filmic designs of the popcorn bag shows how popcorn and the cinema complement each other, as well as ingeniously reinterpreting lines from classic Hollywood hits for promotional purposes. Electric Bear Brewing Company:

This beer company released four different ranges of beer, in a brightly coloured semi-cartoonish style. There are five beer types with five different styles; ‘Edison’, ‘Elemental’, ‘Sensibility’, ‘Infrared’ and ‘Samurye’, with allusions to either a historical or literary figure. The narrative labels provide some quirky context into the beer flavours, as well as a few puns, thus showing their sense of humour.

Joe Fresh:

Joe Fresh held in-store selfie contests, inspired by changing room selfies in cubicle mirrors. Participants posted their shot on Instagram, with caption #FreshSelfieContest, and the winner won $1,000. The red frames were plastered on store mirrors, extra brownie points for wearing the shop’s clothing. Joe Fresh earned brand loyalty, more fans and reacher a wider customer base with their campaign.


Netflix painted graffiti in Toronto to promote the new series The Get Down. The series aims to examine the lives of inner city teens, so an urban location was ideal for the street art. By examining the cultural roots of Hip Hop, Gangster culture and rap in Generation Y and Z, Netflix taps not the interests of its target audience.


GMC is using facial recognition in its stores to present personalised content on digital displays. The screens were placed in Santa Monica shopping centre, in partnership with Posterscope. Features such as interactive games and entertainment were displayed on the screens. Whilst adverts using facial recognition was only a trial, they may become more mainstream in future.

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