Interactive technology

Ten years ago, social media used to be a place to update statuses and connect with friends. Now, you can share content and interact with your favourite brands, as well as keep up with your friends’ news. Let’s see how social media helps businesses learn more about their consumers.


The global video internet channel had the original dislike button, and has proved influential in other social platforms. Like Instagram, YouTube is only video sharing with likes/dislikes and comments. Whilst many other social media platforms have video options, YouTube is often the place for web comedians, music videos, movie clips and animated shorts.

Facebook reactions:

Facebook became the first social media network to include multiple ways to react to content. Instead of getting a thumbs down option, Facebook decided instead to include shocked/surprised, sad and angry faces. Because statuses have had feelings, actions and causes to celebrate, this meant that Facebook has more emotional depth than other platforms.

iMessage tapbacks:

Tapbacks was a feature which arrived in iOS 10, and enabled iPhone and iPad users to engage with Digital touch, GIF, image and text messages. Similar to Facebook reactions, Tapbacks has like, dislike, emphasise, haha, question mark and love responses. The recipient gets a notification if someone reacts to a message.


First came moments, where you could upload temporary pictures to like. Then came liking people’s comments in chat. Tinder has, arguably, been an influential app including like and dislike which is not on a social network. Whilst Tinder might not be the example that immediately comes to mind, its simplistic business model makes it a relevant example.

Snapchat lenses:

The snapchat business model of posting temporary pictures and videos has inspired Instagram Stories and Tinder Moments. Snapchat geofilters and lenses mean B2C companies can engage in events, festivals, historical days or sponsor their content. This means a lot of the content is live, meaning Snapchat has a spontaneous feel to it. Plus, Snapchat Discover has snippets of news features and shareable content.

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