Luxury in 2017


Gold credit cards:

Aurea is offering a solid gold MasterCard with diamonds. In either rose or yellow gold, the cards can be as much as 18 karats. The cards come in leather wallets, inside handcrafted maple wood boxes. There’s a $5,000 annual fee and $50,000 entry.

Gold infused skincare:

Molecular skincare just went premium! NanoBioTech is a skincare company that infuses particles of gold and silver in their products, as well as cleaners which contain copper. The company claims to use aXonnite technology, to chemically infuse precious elements into creams and serum. Whilst the craze is popular, dermatologists agree that a high concentration of gold can cause irritation and is not suitable for those with metal allergies.

Food & drink 

Craft beer membership

A new type of society is around, and it’s for artisan beer. ‘The Millennial Brewing Company’ is a member’s only pub in Florida. The club has beers with distinctive fragrances; some with notes of coffee or hints of earthy spices. Special events include live music or integrated yoga classes, with details updated on Facebook. A basic membership cost $40 per month, with loyalty benefits such as discounts on merchandise and access to brew days.

Hangar One

A posh vodka is harvested using fog. The nets catch the mist to convert it into liquid from the farms in North California. The fog catchers were made in partnership with FogQuest. Blends include Mandarin Blossom and lime. The company are trying to be eco friendly by distilling the vodka using nature, and captures the scene of San Francisco.


London’s classy bar releases a mood menu to help drinkers get into the ‘spirit’. Cocktails contain ingredients to enhance relaxation, increase happiness and regain focus. Biochemically speaking, the infusions are said to be packed with serotonin rich chemicals which emit neurotransmitters and blissful endorphins.


Researchers are Cambridge University have developed a confectionary which turns back the clock. Made using Ascatelle technology, the squares have Astaxanthin and Cocoa polyphenolic epicatechin substances. Micellar technology, originally limited to skin cleanser, helps detox the body. Bars can be bought at Harrods for £42.



the Bvlgari Vault is deluxe software which stores all your important details – from credit card details, messages, documents and passwords. Bvglari allows access using facial recognition, fingerprint ID, dot patterns and a password. It has a cloud storage system for $50 a year, and is on the Android and iOS stores. The e-safe, this vault is essential in the age of internet security.


AntiGravity Cocooning:

Combining meditation with fitness, this takes enlightenment  to the next level. The cloth cocoons are hammocks which sold to your body, and even encourage you to take a nap. Poses such as the cat and the cow help to lengthen the spine. The befits are mental clarity, calming the nervous system and releasing tension.

Social media 

Tiffany & Co. released a snapchat lens to attract younger customers. Sponsored geofilters are popular, and this one uses the signature aqua shade of blue with a chalk heart around the user’s face. Tiffany & Co. is the first high-end jeweller to engage on Snapchat.



Bloomingdales with give kids school supplies to be classroom ready. The department store rewards brand loyalty by giving $100 gift vouchers to disadvantaged children and 20,000 backpacks to be given away. ‘Volunteerism’ is the movement which inspired the event,

Rosewood Hotel:

This premium hotel chain is encouraging literacy classes and gender equality in the classroom. The initiative ‘Room to Read’ sends 100 girl off to Cambodia to learn life skills. The hotels will deliver the program in its 18 other countries with its hotels in. Rosewood Hotel Group hopes its project will be complete by 2020.



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