Myths in adverts and how they affect brand image 

Myths and folklore are always present in culture. And adverts are a modern way of updating stories. Since there is no single definitive author, it’s easy for brands to own an adaptation. Let’s examine a few popular examples.

ScrollDoll fake Myntra adverts

ScrollDoll made a series of images named ’22 images that perfectly capture Indian Mythology in the Digital Era’. Everything from Shiva looking for an Uber ride on maps, Yudhistir getting my a game request on Facebook, Vishwamitra swiping right on tinder and  Bajran posting on Instagram. Audiences were upset because it was thought Indian clothing company Myntra had made the ads. Whilst these are technically not commercials, they do always feature a branded product in each one. Similar projects include Cosmopolitan making Instagram accounts for Disney characters, and CollegeHumour’s ‘Tinderella’ video showing the modern Cinderella on Tinder.

Sleeping Beauty in Tetley

A much older advert, this features sleeping beauty waking up to the smell of tea. Often featured in a fairytale adaptation of a film, it features a beautiful raven haired woman. The advert blends the creeping scene from Snow White and several men as dwarves, and the leather bound book as a setting.


This advert shows a sword in a moss encrusted stone in the woods. The advert is developed by glue company Pattex. Simple yet effective, the poster suggests the super strength of the glue. Arthurian Legends, like Greek myths, have been extremely popular in TV, games, Film, Literature and Theatre. And advertising is no exception to this rule.

Santa Claus and Coca-Cola

It’s well-known that part of the reason Santa’s outfit is red is because of Coke ads. Santa goes round on a Christmas truck through a town.Before the ad, he was often seen wearing green. The first description of him was in ‘The night before Christmas’ with his reindeer. But coke influenced his rosy cheeked, plump figure seen in posters.

Snow White references in Nina Ricci

There are two adverts which have themes of Snow White running through them. The first is L’Elixir, set inside a snow globe, which shows a young girl. The girl is wearing a pretty frilled dress, and strolls through a forest filled with crimson apples and silver frames. The video is played to a rendition of ‘Sunday Girl’ as the main character prances in ballet style fashion.

The second is L’Eau, with a woman with red lips  is transported into a snowy mirror land. Using a snowy owl, she runs through a maze to find a glowing red apple on a tree. This surreal imagery combined with strong colours suggests a magical scenery.

Can you think of any other iconic adverts? Comment below.


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