Market segmentation tools

YouGov profiles Lite:

YouGov is a UK tool which gathers information about the users/customers of a different brand. There are six sections; demographics, lifestyle, personality, brands, entertainment,  online and media. YouGov gathers their information based on online surveys as well as national statistics.

The demographics displays their left over monthly money, region, profession, gender, age and whether they’re left wing or right wing on the first page. This indicates the geographical variants between each brand.

The lifestyle indicates more personal information about a typical user. Such factors include most likely pet, favourite foods and sports, hobbies, and interests. The most common interests are cast by votes from a list.

The personality section has a few statements about a person, including but not limited to  where they get their information, whether they prefer tabloids or broadsheets, where they like to drink and if they would volunteer. It also lists how they would describe themselves and how they might act on another day.

The brands section indicates where they shop, which bank they use, brands they also use,  the type of car they drive and clothing labels. Some of the brands are in the same industry, and vary between basic and premium.

The entertainment shows what the user likes to do in their spare time. There are four categories divided into TV shows, films, music artists and celebrities.

Their online habits show their social media and internet activity, such as who they like on Facebook, which twitter accounts they follow, the websites they search for in Google and the apps they have on their mobile.

Finally, the online section shows their media type and habits. Categories include which newspapers and magazines they read, how long they spend online, programs most recently watched and how long they watch TV for.

Unfortunately, the tool only works for brands used in the UK, and there are no other international equivalents of YouGov. There are also sections missing, such as marital status, employment status, religious beliefs and causes they support.


Selligent are a customer engagement consultancy who help brands with their messaging straggles and digital engagement. Contextual Personalisation is tool which focuses on building relationships with customers by developing customised messaging strategies. Features include adding countdown clocks, geo-locations and clocks.

Incremental enhancement is a measurement meant to optimise ROI. The analytic dashboards indicate how responsive the website’s audience is, to meet expectations. Incremental enhancement is designed for targeting audiences in the present moment, whilst learning from past mistakes to improve for the future.

The universal consumer profile is a tool which merges all activity from websites including browsing history, behaviour data and purchasing data. The tool seamlessly syncs cross-channel data from the in-house system of record. The super profile can easily integrate data from a variety of sources.

Audience Finder:

Audience Finder is a tool by The Audience Agency which specialises in consulting for companies in the arts and culture industry. It works by organisations registering to discover who their potential customers and users are. One of its biggest users is the University of Cambridge Museums, which is a niche arts and gallery academic group. The Audience finder is national live data-sharing network, filled with databases of consumers. Audience Finder uses web analytics, which are gathered from Hitwise. Features include surveys, Audience Reports, development planner and enhanced box office dashboard. Special audience profiling tools include the Audience Spectrum and Loyalty Report.

What is your preferred method of analysing customer behaviour? Comment below!



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