The best eco innovations of all time

Nature inspired innovations are more popular in 2016 than they were before. This is because of environmental damage and a need to protect the environment has emerged because of fossil fuels. But it's also got a lot to do with natural habitats in decline, so we feel the need to recreate or preserve ecosystems. Urban… Continue reading The best eco innovations of all time


The subscription business model

The subscription business model is not just limited to dating sites and magazines. Netflix is one of the biggest subscription services available due to Netflix exclusive series. Having products delivered to your door is becoming increasingly popular due to the premium content available and hassle-free browsing and selecting products. Graze: Graze, like Ocado, is an… Continue reading The subscription business model

Unique designs of the 2010s

CIB Bank CIB Bank have installed their one 'Bankomat', a steampunk ATM, in Budapest. The ATM is reminiscent of Hungary in 1890, and generates customised bank notes.The Steampunk subculture has themes of cogs, trains, clockwork and steam-powered machines as seen in Victorian and Edwardian society. Other inventions, such a steampunk submarine pub, a gothic steampunk… Continue reading Unique designs of the 2010s

Iconic branding techniques

Marble Slab: The popular ice cream chain's new ice cream flavours are inspired by popular game Candy Crush. The combinations include 'Chocolate Mountains', 'Marshmallow Surprise' and 'Candy Clouds', with fudge brownie pieces, chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles. Moreover, Marble Slab are also giving away a Candy Crush goody bag filled with merchandise worth $1,000. Customers… Continue reading Iconic branding techniques